North Carolina Spring Blooms

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sidewalk wild flower

One of the best things about living in North Carolina is having four seasons. There is an actual fall, winter, spring & summer. Every season gets their spotlight & we couldn’t be more delighted to experience that. However, come winter I am dreaming of a hot, humid Mississippi summer! People are quick to remind me here though, that an NC winter is nothing compared to other states. These days when we take the dog for a walk or run, it usually lasts much longer than anticipated. I don’t get very far without seeing a  Dogwood in full bloom or a wild flower that I must take a photo of. Clearly I am the daughter of a horticulturist.  I return home to try to identify the ones I don’t know (or call my mom which is usually the case). I’ll mark ones that I would like to grow in our yard one day down the road when we have more space. Spring also means a significant amount of insects & pollen that makes for a pretty filthy & curious puppy.

Yesterday, by the time we got home from our walk, Carly’s entire mouth (chin, nose and all) was yellow from sniffing the ground so much trying to track down some serious centipedes we kept encountering. It was hard to get a picture of it, but  I did get a picture of her after she plopped down in front of the stairs.  She needs to get used to these warmer temperatures I suppose! There is a great trail we can take from our house that leads  right to the North Carolina Art Museum Park where most of these photos were taken with the exception of the bottom few which includes a Tulip, Iris &  one last Camilla in our own little yard.

GA weekend 011


carly andspriung 156

carly andspriung 140


Last Camilla of the season

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