In the Kitchen: Simple & Sweet Seared Scallops with Peaches

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This weekend we were back in the lovely & untouched Taylor County Georgia. You may remember me writing about adventures in Taylor County here or here. It was a beautiful weekend, spent visiting with family while soaking up country air. Activities included another trip to Fielder’s & also to a dairy farm to get some raw milk. We stopped at  Taylor’s Orchard peach stand to stock up on peaches & devour peach ice cream. Georgia is known for their sweet juicy peaches & rightly so. Did you know that peach trees are actually a part of the rose family? Their blooms are just as pretty & delicate.IMG_5943


The highlight oft the weekend was my sneaky marvelous mother who drove up from Mississippi to surprise Chris & I. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were certainly tears, as I thought it wouldn’t be until Chris when I would see her next. No visit is long enough but she left us with enough plants, food & Lazy Magnolia beer to keep us occupied until December.  After stopping at Taylor’s Orchards we made our traditionally last stop at my Aunt Mary’s house in Macon.  Aunt Mary always sends us home with jams, produce & baked goods. This time it was peaches from her peach trees (several which are volunteers from the compost pile!), tomatoes, peppers & a bunch of rosemary.  You can image how fragrant & delicious the car smelled on the way home. The scents made the 8 hour drive a bit more bearable. All I could smell where extra ripe Georgia peaches and earthy Rosemary.

I knew the next day I had to make something with these two things together in one meal.   I had our local fish monger, drop off sweet & succulent scallops. Locals Seafood is where we purchase our seafood. They are such a blessing, always providing a delicious selection of seafood fresh from NC waters & are very knowledgeable about what they do.  Scallops are such a simple but decadent  seafood option. They don’t require anything but to be cooked a few minutes on each side in a little olive oil or butter, with a light grind of black pepper. The smell will consume you and your home in the best way possible. Scallops even smell good raw, so rich and salty. Just like butter! I thought they deserved nothing less than to be joined by some fresh rosemary & peaches to enhance their sweetness. Here is what I concocted below:

Simple & Sweet Seared Scallops with Georgia Peaches

Easy, simple peach & rosemary chutney:


A few tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves crushed garlic

Several rosemary sprigs, leaves removed & finely chopped

Pinch red pepper flakes

Pinch salt

A few grinds black pepper

4 Georgia peaches chopped

Splash red wine vinegar


In a small pot, heat crushed garlic on medium until fragrant & translucent. Add rosemary & red pepper flakes letting them diffuse into the oil & garlic. Add chopped peaches, pepper & salt. With a wooden spoon mash some of the peaches and stirr. Don’t over mash to still have some texture. Unless you like the chutney more like a jam then mash away! The peaches will start to caramelize and release their liquid. Let them come to a simmer and liquify some. Add a splash of red wine vinegar to taste. Cook until you have your desired taste & consistency. I wanted to keep the fresh sweet taste of the peaches so didn’t add too many other things and didn’t overcook it. Do what you like!

Seared scallops for two pigs (Mr. & Mrs Ladner) or 4 humans:

Few tablespoons Olive oil & butter

Ground pepper

12 scallops


In a large skillet heat olive oil and butter on medium high until very hot but not splatting. When ready, in batches sear scallops a few minutes per side until edges are golden and slightly crispy. The scallop cut clean nice flakes when ready are firm and a deeper white/tan/pink than when raw. Don’t over cook!

Possible side:

We had some string beans from my Aunt Mary that went nicely as a side. Toss in Parmesan, pecans & olive oil. Then bake in an oven until a little crisp.




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