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People, Visit

Bonjour friends & family!

Apologies for the long absence we’ve had from this little blog of ours. It’s been a busy few months. Andl honestly, even though we’ve had many little trips, meals etc that would have made for good content on here, I’m not organized enough to remember to take photos, & then write about them. Late New Years resolution perhaps? I thought I’d share some photos from our delightful Christmas back home in Mississippi. It’s a struggle to look at these & not get home-sick. Thankful for this blog & whomever is reading this to allow me to re-visit our low country Christmas memories. There is nothing like the food, the warm salty air & the slow and hospitable pace of life. But mostly, it’s the people that have my heart. I’ll keep this short. Below are a few highlights from our Christmas holiday. Apologies for some of the poor quality photos. Most of these are from my phone or very outdated camera.



Celebrating our nieces first birthday.



Annual oysters at my dads house. Roasted in burlap over a roaring fire. Yes that is a solo cup wine glass.


And more oysters. Wouldn’t be a Christmas down South without mass amounts of them.



Enjoying my moms delicious, rich, spicy, crawfish, corn and andouille soup.

IMG_0593 IMG_0597

After dropping off my older sister (who spent her Christmas in MINNESOTA!) at the airport, spending an early morning along the Mississippi River in New Orleans.



One of my favorite views.



Piping hot beignets covered in powdered sugar with a cafe au lait from Cafe Du Monde.


My mother & her new shed door thanks to Chris and his dad! Isn’t she cute?


Live oak sculpture along Beach Boulevard in my home town.



Big-D & my man enjoying a po-boy. In case you wanted a close up, that’s a fried a soft-shell crab one!

IMG_0651Hanging out in rural Poplarville Mississippi at my uncle’s farm.


Getting extra snuggles from my first k-9 love, the one and only Moose.

IMG_6190 Our town finally got a grocery store! Well, technically it’s the next town over but it will suffice. It’s not just any grocery store. It’s completely authentic. We stocked up on Cajun potato chips, venison sausage, bbq sauce and more


My mom’s Christmas tree, isn’t it fun?


View from my dads house. You could spend days on his front porch.

While we were home for a week, it went by so quickly and I’m sitting here racking by brain going “Did I not get any photos from Christmas day? Did I not take any at Christopher’s grandparents house?” Maybe I’ll do better next year. Until then, i’ve made a little resolution to be better about posting to this thing. Thanks to everyone who took such good care of us while we were home! Until next time!

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