We’re back & this time with a baby!


Hello all!

When I started this blog, it was meant to share with our family & friends what we’re up to here in Raleigh. After a while, I thought maybe blogging wasn’t for me. It takes organization, time, a nice camera & impeccable writing skills…. things I don’t really possess! Coming from a PR background  (during which I frequented gorgeous blogs) I felt sort of vulnerable and embarrassed putting content online for all to see. Plus with my job, getting pregnant (!) & Chris getting further into his Ph.D program, blogging became less & less of a priority so I took a hiatus.

But we’re back! We have so many things planned for our first summer as a family of 3 (4 including for first “child” Carly, a beagle mix) & I want somewhere to document it, to remember this time when Grace Ann is small & squishy & hilarious & sometimes clingy & doing new things almost daily. So this is going to be my summer scrapbook of sorts. As a a result, I’ll be able to promote a region I love & am lucky enough to claim as my home turf, the great South.  We will be bouncing around North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia & Florida spending time with all of our favorite people. Plus I need a project, somewhere to practice some creativity & to feel a tiny sense of accomplishment. I’m lucky enough that some days I spend mostly rocking/cuddling my little rascal, piddling in the kitchen or cleaning rompers that have pureed spinach all over them. Yes, I LOVE doing these things & have never loved doing anything as much as I love being a mother.  I think I just need a way to use my mind in a different way every now & then. I now understand why many bloggers are stay at home moms.

I recently came to the realization that the majority of my day (in some form or fashion) revolves around food. If I am not nursing Grace Ann, I am prepping our tiny families breakfast lunch or dinner (she’s eating real food now!) or baking at our friends’ Keta & Steve’s superb cafe Benelux as a side job to get out the house & give Grace Ann some play time in the nursery.

So why not share all these tales of babies & food? Two things that the people I know seem to enjoy just a bit 😉

Tomorrow afternoon we are packing a picnic and headed to our friends farm in Durham & then visiting Fullsteam Brewery. This weekend we head to Carolina Beach! I can’t wait to take you all along & be able to share more than just a text or Instagram photo. Grace is such fun to tote around (usually) & I hope seeing her adventures on this little site make you as happy as she makes us. So i’ll stop rambling now but WILL be back.



P.S. These photos below are from Grace Ann’s six-month photo shoot done by the lovely Liz Condo with Heirloom Photography. I am lucky enough to have Liz as a friend of mine & can’t recommend her enough for anyone reading this that might be in the Raleigh/Durham area. She has such a warm welcoming personality & her energy makes you feel completely comfortable in front of a camera lens. You can re-visit Grace Ann’s newborn photos here. I can’t look at them without getting weepy! Where does the time go?

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