Fullsteam Brewery

North Carolina, Raleigh, Visit

Two weekends ago, after visiting our friends’ farm in Durham, we visited one of our favorite breweries, Fullsteam. Fullsteam is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. If anyone reading this is in the Triangle area hasn’t visited this gem in Durham yet (or tried any of their brews) I encourage you to do so soon! Their summer Basil beer is on tap now, so no time like the present.

Go on a Sunday & enjoy some live local music while sipping some incredible Southern-inspired beers. Aside from live music, there are plenty of board & arcade games and there’s always a local food truck parked right outside (selected by Fullsteam each week)

For a brewery & bar, Fullsteam is totally family & pet friendly!  I love seeing people hang out there with their dogs or their children dancing around in front of the band. So bring your clan if you wish. It’s a win for everyone. 

If you’re not into food trucks or bar snacks, pack a picnic. I made a batch of sweet potato biscuits (posting recipe soon) for us to enjoy as a snack with our beer. An easy & inexpensive date or family outing. Chris & I are always looking for  little outings that garner a great experience for a minimal cost & Fullsteam is great for both date nights & family trips.  We’ll each enjoy a beer, let our outgoing little seven- month old entertain us (and other Fullsteam patrons) & have a lovely afternoon. 



The mission of Fullsteam is to create distinctively Southern beer that draws on the South’s traditions as well as agriculture & they do it perfectly. Various beers made with ingredients such as kumquats, sweet potatoes & fresh basil in the summer? Yes please! These are just some of the ingredients you can find in a cold glass of beer at Fullsteam. They source as many of their ingredients locally as possible. When I drink Fullsteam’s beer, I enjoy like I do my morning coffee. It’s more of an experience. Honestly, I’m usually a wine or champagne gal  but not when i’m at Fullsteam. Their creations are incomparable to any other beer I’ve ever had, & they all just taste so good.  Plus, their beers all tell a story. My personal favorite is the Working Man’s lunch or as I call it, the “Moon Pie Beer.” It’s a dark brown ale aimed to emulate a working mans lunch of cola & a moon pie. In it you’ll find notes of local Escazu chocolate, vanilla & banana. Talk about delicious! This time of year they also make a fresh, crisp, earthy Basil beer. I just can’t get enough!


The only thing I would request to Fullsteam is that they look into getting some highchairs. Grace really wanted to try our beer…and biscuits..& anything else within arms reach!

Head over to Fullsteam’s website & facebook page for upcoming events, where you can enjoy their creations & more.



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  1. Hello, I’d like to use this photo in a feature for a small magazine in the Durham area. Please contact me and let’s discuss.

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