Carolina Beach

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Hi there!

Two weekends ago we headed out to Carolina Beach, about a 2 & 1/2 hour drive from Raleigh, & had a lovely time. Not counting when I was pregnant, this was Grace’s first beach trip! Our friends Lisa & Bert (who took most of these photos) were so sweet to invite us on a weekend getaway. Our condo was right across the street from the beach so we had a nice breeze & gorgeous view. While Grace was a little intimated by the water, she was completely content playing under the tent watching all the beach goers, birds & waves. Our friend Sandy made some incredible mahi tacos Friday (hate I didn’t get a good picture) & Chris did his signature seafood boil Saturday night. Our bellies were very happy, our bodies energized by the ocean & our minds rested. The ocean has that effect on people. Here are a few pictures.

How cute is this baby? This is Olivia, our dear friend Bert & Lisa’s 4 1/2 month old. It was so nice being on a trip with another mom. It makes trying to coax your baby to sleep for what some times feels like forever more bearable ;). Olivia makes the cutest little coo noises & makes me miss when Grace was that age. And look at all that hair!

Lunch on our balcony. Sandy’s homemade quinoa tabbouleh & hummus with my ginger chicken salad, fresh fruit & cool wine. A perfect beach day lunch.
photo 2

Grace used to be able to nap anywhere, but now that she is older & more aware of her surroundings it’s not as easy. Luckily my Wildbird ring sling (which has been a life saver) can fix that! She doesn’t stand a chance of fighting a nap after a few minutes in this thing.

Mouthwatering. We got our seafood from Seaview Crab Company in Wilmington, NC. Chris did his magic as usual & voila-dinner!

There’s dinner & a show…but it’s best when dinner is the show, in my opinion. It wouldn’t be a beach trip with out some fresh, local seafood to devour.

So grateful for all the friends we’ve made in Raleigh, especially these ladies! My little munchkin devouring an apple that was originally mine. No food stands a chance in front of this little mouth anymore. She’s cutting her first tooth (finally), so I imagine the cold apple felt good on her little gums. Can’t believe this one made 8 months old yesterday!


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