Raleigh Weekend Agenda


The weekend is almost here and again it’s a busy one. Hopefully I can find time to process all the blueberries that Grace and I have been picking in our front yard. Grace actually does more eating of the blueberries (and grass) than picking. But it’s never to early to start teaching her about fresh food! Here’s what the Ladners are up to this weekend, in addition to other things happening around town.

Friday: Happy Birthday Chris! How many people get to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Father’s Day and a birthday all in one month? This women is out of gift ideas! And money! Moving on. Fallon’s Flowers of Raleigh, located on Peace St., offers half priced cut stems on Fridays. Why not kick off your weekend with some pretty roses or hydrangeas to brighten up your home for half the price? Plus it seems more fun to go to an actual florist instead of a grocery store to peruse and purchase gorgeous flowers. The customer service and overall experience of smelling and seeing beautiful plant life is way better. There is so much color and texture to be inspired by!

Saturday: We’re headed to a fairy-garden themed birthday party Saturday morning, but the Midtown Farmers Market in North Hills (our favorite market in Raleigh) is hosting a Music Together Class, presented by Sprout Songs Music. Music Together is a national music program for babies and toddlers to plant the seed of movement and rhythm at an early age. This is done through an interactive, fun, up-beat music class. Grace and I actually did a semester of Music Together and I can’t recommend it enough. She loved watching the instructor Margaret, strum her guitar and socializing with all the other babies and toddlers while singing and dancing. Every time I play the Music Together CD her face just lights up. If you have children and are interested in attending a free Music Together class, then pack up your children and head to the market Saturday morning.

If we’re not too tired, we’re hoping to attend Kirby Derby, the ultimate neighborhood block party. This event, in the funky Kirby St. neighborhood, includes food trucks, live music, and a “Soap Box Derby” where people build their own racing contraption and ride through the neighborhood. It’s pretty difficult to describe the Kirby Derby. It reminds me a bit of Mardi Gras, but of on a significantly smaller scale. Everyone is dressed up, cheering from their front porches and eating and drinking a lot, it’s quite similar.

Sunday: While the Raleigh Wine & Food Festival is taking place all weekend long, a friend and former co-worker invited me to tag along with her on Sunday and I am so stoked (and grateful for the invitation!). There is more than 20 participating downtown Raleigh restaurants, bakeries and wine shops participating in this event aimed to showcase Raleigh residents and visitors Raleigh’s budding food culture.

Have a great weekend everyone! Can’t wait to see some of you next weekend in Mississippi!


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