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Hello friends and family! I hope your week is going well and that you had a lovely weekend. I wanted to share some photos of Seaboard Station, where we spent our Saturday soaking up the gorgeous weather. Hanging out in Raleigh’s historic Seaboard Station is one of our favorite weekend activities. While Seaboard is quickly expanding with new restaurants and shops making their debut, we can’t help but stick with our old favorites. However, I’m certainly happy this area is gaining popularity. Scroll through for a little tour of why we love coming here and if you’re in Raleigh, put this on your radar for your next weekend outing.

Eat: Lunch al fresco at Sunflowers Cafe. This place has scrumptious sandwiches, salads, soups and a ton of house made baked goods. Mamas in the area-you can call in your order and pick it up at their drive through window. Perfect if you have a sleeping baby in the car that you want to nap just a bit longer. Chris and I split the weekend special which was a grilled turkey, havarti cheese and pesto sandwich and a cold cucumber ginger soup. The soup was different, creamy and refreshing and I wanted to slurp it down with a straw. While the sandwich of the day was tasty, their Awesome Anna will always be my favorite. You can’t go wrong with melted brie, apples and grainy mustard. I also like to think it’s named after my older sister, Anna who is also awesome and happens to love brie and apples!

IMG_6238 (2)

SipSeaboard Wine & Tasting Bar has free tastings on Saturdays and offers a nice discount on what’s being sampled, should you like it enough to purchase. They always put together a nice variety for their Saturday tastings, usually themed around a country, season or staff picks.

IMG_6256 (4)

IMG_6258 (2)

IMG_6263 (2)

We usually end up chatting with other locals who come for free wine in their tasting room and the staff couldn’t be more friendly. Grace was very determined to try to take down entire shelves of wine so we didn’t quite get the 411 on what we were tasting, but we sure enjoyed the spread.

IMG_6270 (2)

How gorgeous is this Rosé display that currently greets customers as they walk into the shop? Right now they have a huge selection of this increasingly popular style of crisp, refreshing wine. I’ll have a have a taste of each please! The Underwood (top left corner) is a wine from Union Wine Company in Oregon and I am a big fan. We’ve been pleased with both their Pino Noir and Rosé.

IMG_6273 (2)


See & Shop: The heart of Seaboard Station is Logan’s Trading Company (where I am trying to recruit my mother to come work!) Logan’s is likely the most chic garden center in Raleigh, with an outdoor cafe in the middle of the nursery, local gifts, produce, home decor and gorgeous plant arrangements all over. The building itself used to be an old train station and the nursery sits right along the railroad.  I love just strolling through drooling over all the flowers, huge ceramic pots in a variety of bold colors and designs and talking plants with the super enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. See mom you would fit right in! Just imagine yourself tending to all the beauty below…

IMG_6280 (2)

IMG_6283 (2)

I love bringing Grace here and showing her the various plants, bees (like the one below) and butterflies that we see.

IMG_6286 (2)

IMG_6288 (2)

IMG_6291 (2)

Oh how I dream of the day I can fill a huge yard with all this plant life.

IMG_6294 (2)

IMG_6300 (2)

If only succulents under my care looked this full and healthy. They had them growing in hanging bird houses which I thought was such a neat idea.

It’s impossible to ever leave Logan’s empty handed. We picked out a small variety of greens and a few other things to spruce up the planters on our front porch that have been looking rather pitiful lately. We’ve been eating most meals on our porch lately and getting really pumped for fall. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Seaboard Saturday

  1. One question –have you introduced Grace to the wonderful world of Latin names ? It’s never too early. And we could throw in a lesson on wine now and then via Uncle Alan !!

    I remember going there with you and enjoying every part of it.
    I love your blog ! Of course it makes me miss all of you that much more.


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