Raleigh Weekend Agenda + a Thankyou

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Dear mom,

Thank you SO much for this swing. It has turned out to be so much more than a swing to us and I am so very grateful. It has been a reminder to slow down. It’s a reminder to get outside. It’s  a fun way to keep Grace from unpacking every single drawer and cabinet in our home. And for being such a small house, we apparently have a lot of cabinets and drawers that MUST be emptied. It’s a source of laughter. It’s been a source of observation, observing the people that pass and wave, the birds the chirp and the honey bees from next door (who make their best effort to run us off.) It’s made us spruce up our porch and I have a feeling it’s going to make fall so fun. Thank you. We love you!

IMG_6358 (3)

IMG_6360 (3)

IMG_6365 (3)

While Grace and I traveled most of the summer (you can read about a few of our adventures here, here or here), I’m looking forward to staying in one place for the next few months.  North Carolina is the ideal state to be in for fall. The state just comes to life. The leaves saturate with color, and festivals around food, music, culture and more get people outside and together on a weekly basis. Everything is perfect in fall. It’s also full of plenty of company for us and a 1st birthday next month! Read on for some things happening this weekend and a few other fun links for you.

Saturday: Hallelujah, Raleigh’s gotten themselves a Seafood Festival! What’s better is that it’s at the famous, historic Pullen Park. Happening Saturday and Sunday,we will be going to this for some blue crabs, live music and park play with Grace.

Sunday: The Triangle Food Truck scene seems to be busting at the seems. Durham, Raleigh’s neighbor and named by Southern Living, “The South’s Tastiest Town,” is hosting a Food Truck Rodeo.  Another sister town, Wake Forest, is hosting a genius community event, “Wake Forest Unplugged.” People are invited to spend an entire afternoon free of electronic devices and instead get outdoors and enjoy live music in the beautiful  Caroll Joyner Park . The fantastic Lakota John & Kinn is playing. If you’re not in Raleigh, listen here.

Monday: Labor Day is the last day of the Starring North Carolina exhibit at the NC Museum of History which is located right in downtown Raleigh. I am really hoping we can make it to see this. What do Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Homeland, Dirty Dancing, Walk to Remember and Hunger Games have in common? They were all filmed here in North Carolina. According to the NC Museum of History, North Carolina is one of the country’s leading film and television production locations. For only five bucks this exhibit sounds like a must see if you’re in town!

Lastly, here’s a few links for your weekend enjoyment:

  • Season 3 of a Chef’s Life aired this week and we are so happy. Check  your local PBS channel to see if it airs in your area. It’s full of food, family, farms and fun.
  • J Crew and New Balance collaborated on these shoes that I kind of like.
  • Honest Company is launching a makeup line and you can enter here to win it all!
  • Wondering how many of Wall Street Journal’s Fall Reading List I’ll be able to get through.
  • While we are going on our annual camping trip during this, Raleigh is hosting a big Bluegrass Fest that will take over the city.
  • Grace and I made this cake yesterday and need to pay Ocracoke a visit next summer for the Fig Festival!

Until next time and thanks for reading. Thought you all might enjoy some pictures of little bit 😉



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4 thoughts on “Raleigh Weekend Agenda + a Thankyou

  1. This made my day !! Grace is growing up too fast but then that’s what you girls do !

    I’m glad you found a place for the swing. I love the safety belt that Chris added .
    Your note is very sweet . I am lucky to have the incredible daughters that I do , that somehow still manage to put up with me after all these years. So now I’ll work my “charm” on Grace- I hear grandchildren are easier !

    Isn’t it great to just sit on your porch and enjoy the great outdoors ?
    The best disconnect ever!

    So ready for another visit– hopefully soon and very soon !

    1. Mom-your comments made me so happy today. So much of what I am is in thanks to you! I’ll call you tonight or tomorrow and hopefully will see you next month!

      1. Again thank you !! Forgot to mention that obviously the swing is made out of cypress. Your godfather/uncle gave it his full approval (and that means something )!

        Enjoy the rest of this Labor Day weekend–

      2. Chris was wondering if we should treat it since it sits outside all day? It’s been raining here all weekend which made us wonder. Recognize her shirt? Gotta get it’s use before she busts out of it!

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