Greek Fest

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For the past three years, every September I’ve asked my Greek friend and neighbor, Larry, if he wants to join us at the annual Greek Fest. It only seems fitting. He belongs to the Greek Orthodox church (who puts the festival on) and clips free tickets for us from the local paper. Every year he’s politely declined my invitation. Larry is the neighbor who some how knows everything about everyone, yet you rarely see him. He has no internet and still uses a land line. He is incredibly sharp. In the 5 years of knowing him, I’ve heard him speak French, Latin, Greek and Spanish. He’s traveled all over the world. I specifically love asking him to pronounce various food items that I often butcher.He lives in the same home he grew up in and it doesn’t appear to have changed much. It doesn’t need changing. It’s two stories full of gorgeous art work (some done by Larry himself), antique furniture and all sorts of little artifacts that tell a story. His home is full of color and history. We hosted a neighborhood potluck a few months ago, which ended around midnight with some of the neighborhood touring his home in excitement.

We love living across the street from Larry and hearing stories about his life, the people he knows and the history of our neighborhood he’s witnessed. He met Grace when she was just three days old and I’m pretty sure he knew I was pregnant before I did. This year, while on his front porch one day out of no where he said, “I think I’ll come with you this year.”  I don’t even think we had mentioned it, but I knew exactly what he was talking about. I didn’t make a big deal about it, but inside I was most excited. I told him to be ready at 6:30pm. Off we all went! He knew everyone there and we stayed later than any year before. Grace (who ADORES Larry) and him were the stars of the show. We ate, drank, danced and had a little Grecian vacation right here in Raleigh. After telling me not to scream, Larry even treated our entire meal and oh man it was delicious. Scroll down for some pictures.

IMG_0161 (2)

Shelves and shelves of Greek olive oil in the “Marketplace” section of Greek Fest.

IMG_0166 (2) IMG_0181 (2)

Chocolate dipped almond cookies which were incredibly soft and scrumptious.

IMG_0184 (2)

Likely what we look forward to most every year, this Baklava Sundae. The Baklava Sundae is a generous serving of vanilla ice cream topped with crumbled baklava, drizzled with warm honey and chocolate syrup.

IMG_0226 (2)

Gorgeous Greek salads.

IMG_0228 (2)


IMG_0230 (2)

Spanikopita, stuffed grape leaves, feta and Greek style meat balls which Grace apparently loves.

IMG_0232 (2)

Remember when I said Grace adores Larry? I wasn’t kidding. She waves to his home when we’re out front. She reaches for him when he’s around and tries to steal a kiss and a hug at any opportunity. Needless to say, she loves him as much as we do and considers him family and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

IMG_0143 (3)

IMG_0146 (2)

Until next year Greek Fest! P.S Grace fit in particularly well at Greek fest with her white embroidered dress and espadrille sandals. I tell you, dressing a baby girl is SUCH fun (especially when the babies grandparents have super good taste.)


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