Dear Charlotte

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Addie, Chris and the girls

It’s been three months since I’ve posted or even looked at this blog. The most recent post, about our strawberry picking adventure, feels like years ago. Since then we have welcomed another little human into this world. Charlotte Lee Ladner was born on May 31 weighing 8 lbs, 8 ounces.
Addie, Chris and the girls

Addie, Chris and the girls

Charlotte, you have made the perfect addition to our family. Just like when we had your older (and very much louder, more energetic) sister, I can’t imagine what life was like without you in it-even if you do about 10 minutes to our getting out the house routine! You have spent much of your little life sleeping whenever you can catch a quiet moment in your bed or on someone’s shoulder. In fact, so many times during the day, I swear I hear you crying or cooing, but usually you are out cold regardless of a screaming toddler or howling dog. When you’re awake, you are typically avoiding getting stepped on or rocked right out of your bouncy chair by an over-eager Grace. You have no idea how much joy you have brought your older sister, which I never anticipated. Thinking about how excited she is to see you every time she wakes up makes my eyes swell. When you cry she’s quick to tell me you’re hungry. She insists on you joining her for bath time every night and would love nothing more than to dump a big cup of  dirty bath water over your head. You are always watching and listening. Seeing you smile at your daddy and I every morning and night when we sneak some quality alone time with you makes any tough day disappear. Some days I question whether I give you and your sister enough love and attention. However, every morning you are happy to see me. It’s true what someone once said about the decision to have children is “to decide to forever have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  Now my heart has doubled in size and you’re wearing it too. Only you aren’t walking or crawling yet and I am relishing your newness. Once during my pregnancy with you and once during labor we were a little uncertain of your future. But you are here now and perfect and I have never been more grateful for anything. Thank you. Thank you for joining our family. Thank you for being a happy, healthy, and easy-going daughter in the chaos that our summer has been. We love you!

Addie, Chris and the girls

Addie, Chris and the girls

Photos by the super talented Liz Condo !

3 thoughts on “Dear Charlotte

  1. Absolutely beautiful !! Nothing like getting all teary-eyed in the library. Love and miss my Stanhope family.

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