Piedmont Farm Tour Snapshots

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About one month before my due date with Charlotte, we took Grace on the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Piedmont Farm Tour. We look forward to this event every year, more so now with little ones! It was a beautiful weekend to drive around in the country, letting Grace roam free, soaking up all the natural beauty around her. I’m excited for the day that she can really appreciate visiting these farms, learning where her food comes from and the value of quality produce and meat. While this was a while ago, I thought you’d all enjoy the photos. If you are in the area (or planning a visit!) mark your calendars for the Eastern Triangle Farm Tour in September!

IMG_2999 (2)

(Above: the view from our hay ride through Cane Creek Farm)

IMG_2968 (2)

(Above: RambleRill Farm.  This property was immaculate, complete with a medicinal herb garden)

IMG_2960 (2)

(Above and below: Woodcrest Farm, likely our favorite stop. Gorgeous walking trails, loads of animals just coexisting with everyone and a beautiful old farm house.)

IMG_2965 (2)IMG_2937 (2)

IMG_2916 (2)IMG_2902 (2)IMG_2887 (2)P.S. Should be my last post for the week. Just catching up on some things! Also if you’d like to see photos of more farms in the area check out this post from a few years ago. -Addie


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