Santee State Park, South Carolina

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A few weeks ago, we rented a cabin at the Santee State Park in South Carolina with some of our best friends Emily and John. Emily and John hadn’t met Charlotte yet and we were all itching to see each other. We originally tried to meet up in a beach town between North Carolina and Florida, but every place we looked was booked or too pricey. Hoping to still be around some form of water and nature, we found this state park and it was perfect! The park is situated on Lake Marion, South Carolina’s largest lake. The Spanish moss, which hung from much of the trees at the campground area, added a nice low country touch and the views of the water reminded me of home. There were multiple playgrounds, a public pier, and a little mini “beach” that Grace couldn’t get enough of. While the adults thought the “beach” could have been a little cleaner, Grace seemed to care less. She could have spent the entire weekend running up and down the small shore and gathering little fresh water mussel shells.

The highlight of the weekend for me (aside from the obvious fact of seeing Emily and John of course!) was eating at Lone Star BBQ & Mercantile, an authentic old-school style restaurant located just down the road from the campground. The food and atmosphere were incredible. Think tomato pie, stuffed crab, bread pudding, hush puppies and other southern comfort food. Even their simple cucumber and tomato salad tasted so refreshing and delicious (which could have easily been because of how hot it was out). The restaurant is made up of four historic shot-gun style buildings and set up cafeteria style. It’s pretty much a museum and restaurant in-one. There were all sorts of antique items lining the walls and hallways reminiscent of the past. I shared a picture on Instagram of Lone Star and one of my friends said it looked like a scene of out the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. It certainly felt that way. Thought you all might like to see some photos from the weekend, especially of our two little rugrats. Enjoy! -Addie

spanish mosskayaksIMG_0283 (2)IMG_0269IMG_0296IMG_0287.jpgcharlotte and johngrace

IMG_3520 (2)IMG_3496 (2).JPGIMG_3494 (2)IMG_3511 (2)IMG_3521 (2)IMG_3486 (2)

foodgrace foodgrace boatIMG_3477 (2)




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