Annual weekend in the mountains

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The Blue Ridge Mountains in NC have got to be one of North Carolina’s most prized attractions. Coming from the Mississippi Gulf Coast where there isn’t really a definite Fall season, I could spend hours just driving up and down the Blue Ridge staring at all the autumn colored splendor and breathing in the crisp, chilly air.The first time Chris and I explored the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains was the fall after our wedding. New to the state and eager to cover as much of its territory as possible, I signed us up for a group hiking and camping trip through our church.  We didn’t know a single person on this trip and we had never camped or hiked in the mountains at all! Most of the other folks on the trip had all sorts of gear including walking sticks, heavy duty sleeping bags, thermoses etc. We brought wine, sandwiches and our camera (and of course our tent, but not much else!). Regardless of our ill preparedness, the weekend remains one of our favorite memories.

Our campsite was under an apple tree centered around a crackling fire. The biggest adventure of the weekend was hiking to the top of Grandfather Mountain by way of the Profile Trail. We later learned that the Profile Trail was likely not the best trail for first timers like ourselves hence the sore ankles. We still laugh about our first real hike up a mountain. We finished about an hour after our group, largely in part to us stopping every chance to either eat, rest or take pictures of all the fall colors. Oh the fall colors!  Since then, we have made it a tradition to drive to the Blue Ridge Mountains every year to see the foliage. We’ve kept true to this tradition since our first trip, with the exception of when I was in labor with Grace and well, couldn’t really go any where 🙂 Our mountain trip has evolved slightly over the years. There’s a few more of us, and we’ve opted to staying somewhere indoors to avoid any unexpected rain or freezing temperatures, which we’ve learned the hard way is completely likely this time of year.

This year, our friends Keta and Steve and their kids joined us in the Linville/Newland area. We found a historic cabin to rent on a gorgeous property full of  Christmas trees, wild berries and apple trees and a creek weaving its way around the mountains. Friday night we played games inside around the fireplace, and enjoyed some hot chili and smores for dessert. Saturday we spent the first half the day just exploring the property (which we could have done for days) then took a scenic drive, while the kids napped, out to Linville Winery. Thought you all would enjoy some photos of our weekend. Happy Fall!


Above and below: Our cabin for the weekend. We wanted the feel of camping and being out in nature but still the security and warmth of a roof over our heads. This was a good decision because it rained all Friday night 🙂 Our cabin was perfect – rustic, cozy and full of antique decor and appliances.  The property including this original cabin have belonged to the same family for more than a hundred years.


The ultimate spot for reading and morning coffee.


Giant Christmas trees everywhere!

img_4393img_4380-2Walking trails and leaves for days.img_4391-2img_4440-2img_4456img_4484-2What a perfect spot for a house.img_1133-1Afternoon wine and cheese at Linville Falls Winery.  img_4542-2Such a clear afternoon!img_4533-2Grateful to have a baby and toddler who love little adventures as much as we do.IMG_4537 (2).JPGimg_4548-2

Wineries can be very family friendly! So much territory for kids to explore and play while the adults enjoy the wine selection. Grace’s favorite was playing her version of duck duck goose and doing “rolly pollies” down the hillsides. 

IMG_4561 (2).JPGimg_4567-2

“…the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures..”


For being in the low 40’s while we were there, the plant life was very colorful and healthy.


Managed to round up all the little ones for a group shot

Until next year! Would love to hear anyone’s recommendations on where to stay along the Blue Ridge next year. I know there is so much territory we have yet to cover! Hope you enjoyed the photos.



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