Pit Stop in Darien, GA


By now, it’s likely no secret that I enjoy discovering small, old, unheard-of towns, especially if they are on the water. Are you tired of hearing about them? I hope not because we’ve discovered another one. On our way home from Gainseville after Easter, Chris found this tiny historic town in Georgia named Darien.  Darien was a perfect stop for us to walk around, boat watch, eat and release some energy before getting back on the road. It’s located on the Altamahda Scenic Byway on the Atlantic Coast.

As soon as you cross the bridge into Darien it’s clear there is a rich history with plantations, museums, ruins and historical markers scattered through out the town. You can also fish, boat and swim to your heart’s desire. Chris and I agreed that this is the type of small town where we’d like to end up, where a slow pace of life is the norm and the huge amount of natural beauty could keep you occupied for days. Our stop was a few hours at most, so I don’t have much to say about it other than that we’d love to come back one day! Here are a few photos.

IMG_6750 (2)

IMG_6689 (2)

Lunch with the rugrats at Skippers Fish Camp, a great waterfront restaurant that also has a huge deck with turtles swimming around, cornhole to play with and loads of boats pulling in and out of the docks.


When I tell Grace not to smile for the camera..this is what I get!


IMG_6694 (2)

Crab cake, hush puppies, grouper strips, BBQ and collards, sweet potato souffle and green beans. Now I really want to go back. There were loads of options for everyone in the family, all delicious. 

IMG_6734 (2)IMG_6749 (2)

IMG_6756 (2)

IMG_6759 (2)

IMG_6760 (2)

Darien was once a huge port town and the pictures above are of the old ruins from warehouses and naval stores. If you look closely, these walls, named the Darien Tabby Walls, are made of oyster shells. 

IMG_6764 (2)

IMG_6767 (2)

Drink and dessert stop at Zio Carlo. We brought home a few bags of their pecan biscottis-a perfect item to sell at an Italian style cafe in rural Georgia.

IMG_6779 (2)

IMG_6787 (2)

We didn’t even really scratch the surface of all there is to do in Darien, but I love having this little corner of the web to share photos of even our smallest adventures. As much as I know some of our family look forward to the pictures of the girls, I too love having a place to document these precious days. Hope you enjoyed them and thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Pit Stop in Darien, GA

    1. Thank you so much Gail! I really enjoy it. Yes, I typically work on pictures/writing etc at night and occasionally during the day if the girls nap at the same time and I have a few free minutes 🙂

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