Our Winter Staycation

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These posts have mostly been of our little family adventures, of us going somewhere. Would you believe it if I told you we haven’t been anywhere in months? It’s true! At least not outside of the Raleigh area. We wanted a quiet, restful winter in the comfort of our own home. I realized though since most of you are family or close friends, you’d probably like to know what my two leading ladies are up to even if it’s nothing too exciting. Here’s an update, and I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our first Christmas here in Raleigh and the first signs of spring.

Grace: Every day tells me I’m her best friend. And then tells Charlotte, then Carly, then Chris. She wants to help put Charlotte to bed every night and fix her breakfast every morning. Grace, may you keep this love of your family and willingness to help out into your teenage years and beyond! Your teacher pulled me aside last week to tell me you had been so comforting and concerned for a new student that was having a hard time. You’d ask “why are you sad?” Or say, “Your mommy will be back, let’s sing a song.” The teacher told me you have such a good heart. As your mom, that is the biggest compliment to me and all I care about, for you to always be kind.  While you are growing in so many ways that I love, the 3rd year of your life  has come with lots of emotions. Little things that happen such as having your food cut up or accidentally being put in the wrong car seat are the end of the world. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to cheer you up. Books, playing dress up or creating a puppet show will do the trick. You’re organized and mature and responsible. You sit up straight and listen to directions (usually.)  You’re content in your own skin and literally a dream. You are already a better first child and sister to Charlotte than I could have ever imagined.

Charlotte: Cheeky and coy as ever. A two (or more) parent child. Emotional, sensitive, independent and full of life and feeling. She’s saying more and more words, especially when food is involved. And she loves giving us all kisses! You have the most delicious thunder thighs and belly anyone has ever seen Charlotte. I worried when I was pregnant with you, we wouldn’t hit it off as well as Grace and I did. I wondered if I had any more room in my heart when Grace took up so much of it. But you, like me, are the second child:  you’re sensitive but want everyone to think you’re tough. You need love, nature, and breakfast as soon as you wake up and are full of fierceness. Because I already see so much of myself in you, it makes being your parent easier in many ways, recognizing that your needs are different than your sisters. You’re turned off when pressured and want to go at your own pace. You love digging in the dirt, dance parties, taking baths and drawing on anything you can get your hands on (especially recipes and my to-do lists). I look forward to your huge smile and wispy hair every single morning, no matter what time it is. I am so obsessed with you and love how much you love me, Grace and your daddy. Lucky us!

That’s all I have for now. As always thank you so much for reading.




P.S. I recently wrote on article on eating out as a family and kid’s menus for Mother Mag. You can read it here.

2 thoughts on “Our Winter Staycation

  1. Addie, I love your writing! But even more, those sweet baby girls are just the most precious! I love keeping up with your family and seeing photos of your growing girls. Charlotte isn’t really a baby anymore. Don’t blink! Hugs!!

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