Welcome to the family, Louise!

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Louise newborn photos

In case you didn’t catch the news, we are now a family of 5! Wow, a family of 5. Sounds like so many more people than 4, even if it is a tiny baby girl. Louise Ader joined us on October 22.

The name Louise came from a warm and kind lady who took care of my grandmother, her home, her 9 kids and grand-kids for many years. My grandmother was a lot of things, but warm and fuzzy was not a trait that I recall in her. Louise always made up for that, with smiles and hugs and the sweetest energy. I always loved that even in her later years, she rode her cruiser to and from my grandmothers house in our tiny hometown, back and forth, from a little Creole cottage she shared with her sister. Her name and presence always stuck with me. And Ader, a family name, that Louise shares with her mama.

My friends think I’m wacky for saying this. I’ve said it once, twice, now three times around-I love having a little baby in the house. I just love babies! These really are the days. There is nothing more soul soothing than sitting by a window resting with a sweet, soft, milky wrinkly little peanut on your chest. Even in the hospital, Chris and I just sat in quiet awe at this little miracle of life we created and, knowing how fleeting it is, relished every minute. We’ve been in the best care these past few months, really since August, when we moved into our first home, living in a little bubble. Friends and family have been in and out with food, decorating advice and helping hands-many I didn’t want to leave!

Now that the visitors have tapered off, I have to admit though, while I felt like a pinball in an arcade machine after having Charlotte (when Grace was just 19 months old!), now I really feel like pinball, but in an arcade machine that is malfunctioning and never turning off. People have asked over and over how’s it going. Chris and I both laugh. On any given day, the newborn is the least of our worries or stress. She just sleeps and eats and gets toted around all day. It’s the older siblings that seem to be taking days of our life at times.  If parenting is a lesson in anything, it’s in keeping a good attitude and rolling with the punches. Like when the 2.5 year old wakes up at 5 am, after you have just gotten the newborn back to sleep 3 times. Instead of feeling angry and sorry for myself, I made a cup of hot rooibus tea and took it as a chance to spend time with just one child instead of three. We did dishes and puzzles and enjoyed the quiet dark dewy morning. This attitude isn’t always easy to come by, but it’s working at the moment.

Louise, we love you so much. Thank you for coming early and easily, thank you for sleeping and providing us with warmth and comfort on chaotic days. Welcome to the family!

Louise newborn photos

Louise newborn photosLouise newborn photos

P.S. Picture credits go to my talented friend Liz Condo.

P.P.S Hoping to clean the house this week so I can share some pictures. Feeling ambitious!

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