January Raleigh Adventures in Photos

Trying to be better about sharing not just our bigger adventures away, but little adventures around our actual home, and our home city. Few things bring me more joy than photographing and adventuring with these kids lately. Enjoy! Pretending that we live at Oak View County Park, a favorite spot of ours. Butternut, squash and […]

Thoughts on parenting in the U.S. + a trip to Honeysuckle Tea House

Lately it seems all the headlines I read online or in the paper sound something like: “What American parents are getting wrong” “American parenting is killing marriage” “French Kids Eat Everything” “Danish kids are the happiest in the world” and on and on.  I’ve even had articles shared with me announcing that parents these days are […]

Happy Holidays from Mississippi!

Just wanted to wish our beloved friends, family and any readers who I haven’t met personally, a very happy holiday season! I opted not to do a Christmas card this year for various reasons, so thought I’d share a few photos here. We are staying at my mom’s, in my  hometown for the week enjoying a […]