Annual Trip To Celebrity Dairy

Main, North Carolina

Sharing photos from our annual trip to Celebrity Dairy’s Open Barn days. This is the 4th year we’ve attended! The kids love the goats, mama loves the soup and gelato. Look here for our first visit to Celebrity Dairy or here for another year’s visit. Our babies were babies, and there was only one, and then two, and now there are THREE (plus Sara our dream adopted child.) I don’t how exactly to describe Open Barn Days. Even though every year, I swear the crowd gets bigger, it’s somehow a cozy day in the country for us and we look forward to it every year. There are goats everywhere-meandering around the rustic property and baby ones being passed around like they are actual human babies. Kids are sailing through the air on the rope swing or chasing chickens-it’s organized chaos in the best way, complete with homemade chili and focaccia being served to the masses. Enjoy the pictures and that’s all I have to say! -Addie

P.S. I’ve added a work page to this site for anyone that wants to keep up with that other part of my life 🙂

Celebrity Dairy

Main, North Carolina, Visit

IMG_2393 (2)

What a weekend our family had. We kept Grace out “late”(as in 9:30) Friday night at the First Friday Art Walk downtown where we all devoured delicious tapas style food at Plates Neighborhood Kitchen. Saturday night Chris and I went out sans baby to celebrate Mardi Gras at our friends’ annual soiree. I know I’m still in my 20’s, but I just don’t have the energy for all this socializing lately. Come Monday my feet were aching like crazy. The highlight of the weekend though, started around noon on Saturday. We loaded up and drove down the rural part of Highway 64 to spend the day at Celebrity Dairy. One of Grace’s best buds, Olivia, was cool enough to host her first birthday at this small goat farm and B&B.

Celebrity Dairy is located in beautiful and progressive Chatham County where they procure delicious goats milk items including cheese (or Chèvre I should say), gelato and yogurt. All delicious! Saturday they hosted an open house/barn where a home cooked lunch was served for a small price in their beautiful Greek Revival farmhouse. The day was filled with babies, laughs, delicious food, good friends and lots of goats everywhere. The main attraction (not including the birthday girl!) was the handful of baby goats being born what seemed like every 45 minutes. It was very cool to witness, but I will spare you the details and images. I was so impressed at how peacefully and quietly these mama goats welcomed their kids into the world. Having given birth once before and gearing up to again in a few months, I loved seeing how simple and natural it all was. While it’s been pretty cold and somewhat dreary lately, Saturday was sunny and a perfect day to be out in the country. See some highlights from the day below.

IMG_2247 (2)

Grace waiting patiently for her food, looking more and more like a little girl and less like my baby.

IMG_2243 (2)

Spicy vegetarian chili with goats milk sour cream & kale, beef stew, corn bread, sweet potato biscuits and scotch eggs.

IMG_2351 (2)

Clear skies

IMG_2330 (2)

Mama & kid just seconds after birth

IMG_2275 (2)

Double fisting gelato

IMG_2276 (2)

IMG_2380 (2)

Cheese please!

IMG_2287 (2)

Birthday girl with her sweet parents. I think she liked the gelato 🙂

IMG_2338 (2)

So many cuddly baby goats.


Happy birthday to sweet Olivia who we have loved watching blossom this past year into such a sweet spunky little gal. Love you and your parents to pieces!

P.S. If you’re in the Raleigh area, Celebrity Dairy is hosting another open house in March! You can find details here.

XO everyone,