Raleigh’s First Snow!

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I know how much joy the beach brings my family, but never did I anticipate just how happy two snow days could make them. Even me, a hot weather gal, was elated for this yea’rs first snow. Perhaps it was because it happened at a perfect time, just before Christmas (so festive!) and not at the tail end of winter when we have already been so cold for so long, cooped up inside dreaming of sunny days. But really-back to the happiness factor. Never have I seen my kids, especially Grace (which is saying a lot because she is typically always happy) SO HAPPY. For two days there was no school, no plans, no where to go, and loads of snow. Grace stayed outside for hours until her ankles were numb and red. Elation- she was outside laughing and screaming and concocting all sorts of things she wanted to do in the snow, a bucket list of sorts. Snow angels, snow balls, snow castles – for her, it was the Frozen world brought to life. It was the perfect mix of joy and contentment. Charlotte loved it too, until she tumbled one too many times and then was happy to come inside to warm cocoa and cuddles and watch from our bay window. These kids might make a cold weather convert out of me after all. Here are a few snapshots from our first snow of the year that I couldn’t resist sharing. Enjoy!



Charlotte, Carly and Olaf the snowman sharing the carrot nose.


I didn’t realize how large and majestic looking the evergreens are in our yard until they were drenched in snow.


Larger than life snowman, built mostly by the man of the house much to the girls joy.


Please notice how wet she is. I couldn’t believe how long she stayed outside!


Winter clutter

IMG_5106 (2)

A hot classic winter lunch on a very cold day.

IMG_5114 (2)

Lou bean joined me in staying inside where it was warm and dry:)

IMG_5144 (3)

Cinnamon salt dough ornaments. I was armed with activities for us in the event of cabin fever.

IMG_5161 (2)

Post-snow hot cocoa

IMG_5165 (2)

Always with a book, always in a dress.

Happy winter everyone!

P.S. Diamonds in the Rough in this month’s Raleigh Magazine by yours truly.

Sights of Home


Everyone wants to know, how are we enjoying our new house? Very much! With the help of lots of books, plants and “old things,” our new-ish house is starting to feel like home. Renting a tiny, two bedroom, one bathroom house for 8 years (in the best neighborhood!), where we had two kids, a dog and oodles of guests, taught us so much about living minimally without too much stuff. We found it so satisfying. We didn’t need a swing set, we’d just walk to the park. We didn’t need dress-up stuff or a play kitchen, we’d just head to Marbels. And the whole house could be cleaned in under an hour. We really just couldn’t fit anything inside our house except ourselves and the essentials! We’re trying to keep that mindset, experiences over objects, with this house too. It’s easier said than done, but we’re trying! So we’re taking a very slow approach to decorating. Also because, let’s be honest, having three kids, including an infant, and work of some kind, just doesn’t lend itself well to home-improvement and decorating projects. In fact, we’ve barely hung anything on the walls except in the girl’s room. While we are missing living in such a close-knit neighborhood where we had built-in babysitters, dog watchers, friends who felt like family and so much to walk to- we are loving the new space and living in a part of the city with more nature around us. Space is something I didn’t realize how badly we needed, until we had it. It just feels more comfortable for us to be able to all congregate in the kitchen to make breakfast together or alternatively, separate if tensions are high. I find myself wanting to spend more time at home, which is new for me. In fact, we do now have a swing set and a toy kitchen 😉 The cozy cold weather and snuggly baby can also be blamed for this new desire to be home. Tis the season right? Anyway, just wanted to pop in to share a few photos. Visitors welcome and enjoy! Addie

IMG_4909 (2)IMG_4912 (2)IMG_4923 (2)IMG_4928 (2)IMG_5011 (2)IMG_5084 (2)IMG_5085 (3)IMG_5093 (2)