Two Weeks with Mimi

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For two weeks our family was blessed with the company of my mother. We cooked, we gardened, we moseyed around town, we played, we read, we slept and then gardened, cooked and played some more. There were many hours spent on the porch cracking pecans, swinging, talking and bird watching. My mom is too cool for Facebook and a smart phone (she has Instagram so she can see pictures of her children and grandchildren) so I thought I’d put together a little online scrapbook of her visit for her fan club back home in Mississippi. You know who you are! We are missing Mimi terribly. Two weeks was a long time to have her here, so long that I got too accustomed to her helpfulness! Luckily we went out of town for Easter, otherwise the house would have felt too quiet. This morning Grace woke up and unprovoked blurted out, “I want Mimi back!”  Enjoy a few highlights from an unforgettable two weeks! Thanks for reading.


Art in Bloom at the North Carolina Museum of Art. People submit floral interpretations of various works of art on exhibit and it was so cool! We were both in heaven looking at all the creativity around nature and visual art.


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Fish Friday meal for Lent. Seared salmon with a seriously good salad (recipe here.)


Above and below: Fun at the JC Roulston Arboretum’s Blooms Festival. Spring was the perfect time for my mom (an expert horticulturalist) to visit. There were all sorts of events geared around nature, not to mention all the beautiful things in bloom around this time of year.

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Bubbles! The Blooms Festival was part plant sale part kids outdoor fun. Grace and Charlotte loved playing in the bubbles and seeing all sorts of wildlife from bunnies to chickens to bugs!


We hosted a champagne brunch/Easter egg hunt for Grace’s best buds and her parents. My mom made these little mini carrot cakes with died coconut and robin eggs on top, a big hit among both kids and adults. Below: Attempts to get a descent picture of Charlotte and Grace after the egg hunt which is becoming such a challenge!

IMG_6189 (3)

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Above: Breakfast cookies on the porch. Below: Our favorite Caesar Salad




We did yard work, yard work and more yard work and no one minded one bit.


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Plant and berry shopping at the NC State Farmers Market.

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Carb overload at Yellow Dog Bread which included a rosemary sea salt scone, a chai tea sugar cookie, a spinach and feta baguette and a huge strawberry and jam muffin!

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Neighborhood potluck prep with the littlest helper.



Impeccable shrimp creole on her last night before heading home. Yes, it was super helpful having her here to do laundry, change diapers, etc. but what was more was just her company. My parenting is largely influenced by how she raised my sisters and I, and I’m realizing we have so much in common it’s frightening. Mimi-we love you, we’re grateful for you, we miss you and we hope July gets here soon so we can head your way! -Addie

Raleigh Weekend Agenda

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Hi folks!

Grace Ann & I were just in Georgia for about a week eating large amounts of peaches & pound cake. We spent the weekend before that in Carolina beach. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to staying in town this weekend with my little family. However, it will still be a busy weekend for us. It is our 5-year wedding anniversary (wowza!), Christopher’s first ever Fathers Day & some best friends of ours are visiting from Florida. Luckily, there are a ton of fun things happening around Raleigh this weekend for us all to celebrate & entertain ourselves with. Below are some of the things we’re going to check out. I also included some festivities we likely won’t be able to attend, but wanted to share in case anyone in Raleigh needs some ideas for what to do this weekend.

Friday: I was actually just notified by my husband that I can’t make any plans on Friday! Shucks! But check out Music on the Porch in the lovely historic Mordecai neighborhood or go see Neko Case at the NC Art Museum in their gorgeous amphitheater.

Saturday: A Raleigh gem, Logan’s Trading Company is having a big 50th anniversary bash. Logan’s is a fabulous all in one garden center complete with a cafe & the most knowledgeable/friendliest staff out there. Even a non-gardening enthusiast would enjoy walking around Logan’s checking out all the plant life, local gifts, produce & more.  Logan’s is located in Seaboard Station so after Logan’s, we’ll likely head over to Seaboard Wine & Tasting Bar for their Saturday afternoon wine tasting. If we get hungry Sunflowers Cafe, is within walking distance & produces some delicious sandwiches.

If anyone knows me, you know how much I enjoy seafood (in pretty much all forms). I’m really hoping we can fit in the NC Fresh Catch Festival at some point. The ticket price, menu & music line up sound to good to pass up!

If you haven’t seen the funny, heart warming, foodie film  Chef, the NC Art Museum is showing it Saturday evening. Bring a picnic or enjoy the collection of food trucks that will be available. Why can’t we be in the multiple places at once? To much to do & not enough hours in the day to do it.

Sunday:  We’ll likely sleep in, relax & enjoy some time with our friends before they head home. We will also celebrate Father’s Day with my main man (including watching the US Open -according to Chris). I bake part time at Benelux Cafe, where you can find some incredible waffles, quiches & coffee confections. If we’re up for getting out the house we may head there for a late breakfast.

Have a great weekend everyone!