Annual Trip To Celebrity Dairy

Main, North Carolina

Sharing photos from our annual trip to Celebrity Dairy’s Open Barn days. This is the 4th year we’ve attended! The kids love the goats, mama loves the soup and gelato. Look here for our first visit to Celebrity Dairy or here for another year’s visit. Our babies were babies, and there was only one, and then two, and now there are THREE (plus Sara our dream adopted child.) I don’t how exactly to describe Open Barn Days. Even though every year, I swear the crowd gets bigger, it’s somehow a cozy day in the country for us and we look forward to it every year. There are goats everywhere-meandering around the rustic property and baby ones being passed around like they are actual human babies. Kids are sailing through the air on the rope swing or chasing chickens-it’s organized chaos in the best way, complete with homemade chili and focaccia being served to the masses. Enjoy the pictures and that’s all I have to say! -Addie

P.S. I’ve added a work page to this site for anyone that wants to keep up with that other part of my life 🙂